Howard Beaver Music Scholarship

SOURCE: Generous contributions made to the Tucson Concert Band and friends in memory of Howard Beaver, its founder and Director Emeritus. Mr. Beaver was a University of Arizona alumnus, and a well-known musician, band leader, businessman in the Tucson community for many years. The Tucson Concert Band is an all-volunteer band which provides music for Tucson and the surrounding area.

ELIGIBILITY: For a freshman student in the College of Fine Arts majoring in Music with a GPA no less than 3.0. Student must be a US citizen and a resident of the state of Arizona. Preference is to financial need, but not a requirement.  

SELECTION PROCESS: Candidates are nominated by faculty members to the Dean of the College of Fine Arts. Selection is by the College of Fine Arts Scholarship Committee.

VALUE: Annual award is $500.

Scholarship Recipients       

2007-2008Rusty Lee Ogren
2008-2009Kabir Sondhi, Nicole Truxes
2009-2010Jennifer Marie Thornton
2010-2011Michael Gregory Cook
2011-2012 Rachel Leigh Confrey
2012-2013Arturo Salinas-Aguayo
2013-2014Christian Zatarain
2014-2015Benjamin Wheeler
2015-2016Jose Ramos
2016-2017Claire Thorpe