Membership Information

If you are a member of the Tucson Concert Band, you may access the member portal with your username and password at

Tucson Concert Band’s guidelines used for “Hiring” new players

  1. Potential new member expresses interest in joining our group.
  2. Conductor is informed.
  3. Conductor screens potential new member for prior performing experience via phone call/e-mail. (ex. Someone with no prior musical knowledge, playing experience, or the ability to read music would not be a good potential candidate while someone who reads well and has prior experience performing in a band or orchestra may make an excellent potential candidate, even if some time has lapsed since the person last played with a group).
  4. Conductor invites potentially successful candidates to “sit in” with the band and play for a rehearsal.
  5. Potential candidate will be seated next to principal player/section leader.
  6. Principal players/section leaders will provide feedback to conductor.
  7. Conductor makes the final call as to the appropriateness for inviting prospective new members to be included on the “sub-list” or, as openings arise, to invite those who have been through the screening process to participate as regular new members of the band.

Concert Dress

All black attire required. No white or other colors.

Ladies: Dress blouses or sweaters with sleeves 3/4 length or longer with modest necklines, no lace, sequins, or anything that would distract from the overall uniformity of the band, mid-calf or floor-length dresses or skirts with sleeves 3/4 length or longer, black dress slacks, black socks or stockings, black closed-toe dress shoes

Men: Dress shirts with collars or “mock” neck shirts acceptable, button-down black shirts must have black buttons, black dress slacks, black dress shoes

We will continue to wear the red polo shirt and black pant combination for our outdoor concerts/less formal venues.